We have so far registered 69,510 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ronald CurrieOctober 3, 1924Born in Christchurch
Herbert John DonelandJuly 18, 1926Born in Auckland
John Walker DouglasSeptember 27, 1907Born in Brookside
Charles Dudley1924Born in Auckland
James Ensor (Enson)June 22, 1925Born in Christchurch, N. Z.
Edvard FraserSeptember 23, 1922Born in Greymouth
Rodney GarrettJune 9, 1925Born in Bansaloo
William GibbsJuly 16, 1918Born in New Zealand
Eric Herbert GilesApril 13, 1915Born in New Zealand
Jack GillespieJune 22, 1908Born in Wellington, New Zealand
William GlenieJune 5, 1913Born in Otohoranga, New Zealand
Thomas GlennJune 12, 1926Born in Auckland, New Zealand
William GormeyOctober 29, 1922Lived in 80 Meadowbank Road, Remuena, Auckland, New Zealand.
Robert GrimvoldMay 28, 1923Born in Shanon
Robert GrumwaldMay 22, 1923Born in Shannon, New Zealand.
Wallace A. HaggartOctober 4, 1926Born in Gore, New Zealand
David John Hague-SmithApril 5, 1924Born in Paeroa, New Zealand
Peter G. HaiknessNovember 2, 1903Born in Wellington, New Zealand
C. HallidayJune 5, 1920Born in New Zealand
W. HallAugust 31, 1928Born in Ellesmere, New Zealand
George Hamlin (Hemlon)May 10, 1920Born in New Zealand
Leonard HansenDecember 12, 1925Born in New Zealand
Byron George HartMarch 7, 1921Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
Harold HarveySeptember 17, 1927Born in Whakstane, New Zealand
Russel Gerald HauschildeNovember 18, 1924Born in Christchurch, New Zealand