We have so far registered 69,376 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Karl Herman AndersenMarch 8, 1920Born in Danmark
Leif AndersenApril 8, 1920Born in København, Danmark
Martinius AndersenApril 27, 1914Born in Skive, Danmark
Nils Bokker AndersenBorn in Danmark
Otto AndersenJanuary 5, 1914Born in København, Danmark
Paul AndersenJune 13, 1908Born in København
Poul Josef AndersenNovember 1, 1922Born in København, Danmark
Preben AndersenJanuary 28, 1925Born in København, Danmark
Ragnar (Dan) AndersenJanuary 14, 1919Born in Danmark
Robert G. AndersenSeptember 26, 1922Born in Torup, Danmark
Sander Peter AndersenDecember 2, 1916Born in Danmark
Svend AndersenApril 16, 1910Born in Danmark
Svend AndersenJune 17, 1912Born in Danmark
Svend Markmann AndersenDecember 17, 1913Born in Haldum, Danmark
Svend Åge AndersenApril 25, 1904Born in Struer, Danmark
Tage AndersenSeptember 1, 1913Born in Fredrikshavn, Danmark
Theodor AndersenNovember 9, 1912Born in Fredrikshavn, Danmark
Torbin Assam AndersenNovember 3, 1911Born in Danmark
Verner AndersenFebruary 16, 1913Born in København, Danmark
Willy Martin AndersenSeptember 16, 1922Born in Danmark
Thorkild P. AndersonMarch 31, 1910Lived in 7 Pierson Street, Paramatta, South Australia
Arne Egon AnderssonMay 20, 1921Born in København, Danmark
Niels K. V. AndreasenApril 14, 1919Born in Strandby, Danmark
Einar Alfred AndreassenMay 7, 1905Born in Ålborg, Danmark
Herlof A. AndreassenAugust 2, 1903Born in København, Danmark