We have so far registered 77,790 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Henry PitcherOctober 13, 1921Born in Cape Town
John PorkinsAugust 1, 1882Born in Bloemfontein
Johannes du PreezApril 29, 1913Born in Johannesburg
Edvard Evans PriceMay 13, 1901Born in Cape Town
Victor Alexander PurdyMay 1, 1925Born in Walvisbay
Claude Arnold RandallSeptember 4, 1924Born in Durban
Charles RichardsAugust 30, 1911Born in Johannesburg
Isaac Richards1899Lived in Freetown
Erenest RileyJanuary 10, 1923Born in Capetown
George RileyJune 1, 1920Born in Johannesburg
Francis Robert1903Lived in Freetown
John RoelofseNovember 3, 1917Born in Durban
Arthur van Rooyen (Reoyen)January 6, 1925Lived in Mt. Ayliff, East Griqualand SA
Bernhard RorichApril 28, 1925Born in Cape Town
Douglas RorichDecember 6, 1921Born in Cape Town
Fredrik RouncefieldApril 14, 1917Lived in 59 New Motherfountain Post Office, Van Ryn, Benoni, Transval, South Africa
Thomas RunkelFebruary 16, 1921Born in Cape Town
Wiktor Colin SamuelsMay 1, 1923Born in Durban
William Schade
John R. SchriberNovember 13, 1911Born in Transvaal.
Henry ScottJanuary 1, 1920Born in Durban.
James ScottFebruary 5, 1920Born in Brennersdorp.
Ralph ScottDecember 15, 1915
Albert Sember
Keneth ShandJune 23, 1926Born in Durban