We have so far registered 70,467 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James CurtisJuly 16, 1924Born in Middlesex
Jims CurtisDecember 18, 1926Born in Londonderry
John CurtisJuly 28, 1901Lived in M.M. C.A. Halifax
John F. CurtisApril 8, 1917Born in Birmingham
Joseph CurtisAugust 4, 1919
Jack CurtissFebruary 18, 1922Born in Oklahoma
Ross CuryerMay 6, 1925Born in Adellaide
Thomas Ramsey CuryerSeptember 29, 1917Born in Broken Hill
Mario CuschieriApril 26, 1897Born in Australia
Leo CushingApril 19, 1919Born in Mansonville
James CushleyMarch 3, 1896Lived in 13 Belmont Road, Exeter.
Arthur CushworthJanuary 29, 1923Born in Cape Town
Joseph CustoreriJuly 24, 1927Born in Toronto
Emmanuel Cutajar
Bernhard CutbushDecember 15, 1924Born in London
Charles H.W. CuthbertApril 9, 1914Born in Pinner
Ernst Victor CuthbertJanuary 19, 1925Born in Liverpool
Edvard CuthbertsenMay 5, 1918Lived in 11 Ably Str. Arklow, Irland
William CuthbertsenSeptember 26, 1924Born in Glascow
John T. CuthbertsonJune 20, 1925Born in Arklow
Thomas Cuthbert
William CuthbutJune 20, 1911Born in Ayr
Lachlan CuthillDecember 17, 1927Born in Glascow
D. Cutiuho1918Born in Goa
R. CutlerJuly 12, 1917Born in Manchester