We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ronald LangfordFebruary 16, 1925Born in Liverpool
Georg LangFebruary 13, 1926Born in Liverpool
Georg Lang
Lachlan LangNovember 28, 1909Born in Landfrew
Lawrence LangDecember 19, 1926Born in Salford
Fred LangleySeptember 30, 1920Born in Dickenfield
Stanley LangleyJanuary 17, 1913Born in Yorkshire
Sydney Langley
Peter LangSeptember 19, 1924Born in Gateshead
Arthur Langrick1918
Stanley LangrickSeptember 28, 1924Born in Nottingham
James LangridgeFebruary 28, 1913Born in Surrey
Arthur LangshawApril 23, 1926Born in Wavertree, Liverpool
Harry LangshawBorn in Southampton
Albert LangtonJuly 12, 1919Born in Hull
Henry LangtonMarch 10, 1926Born in Liverpool
Thomas LappinJanuary 27, 1926Born in Glasgow
John LarcombeDecember 8, 1921Born in Yarcombe
Jose LarettaApril 13, 1916Born in Cardiff
Derek LargeMay 27, 1922Born in Southend
James LargeSeptember 27, 1904Born in Liverpool
Maxwell LargeMarch 30, 1918Born in Kingstanley
Francis LarkimMarch 5, 1916Born in Liverpool
James LarkinJanuary 1, 1925
Thomas LarkinSeptember 18, 1916