We have so far registered 72,350 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alexander PedersenAugust 4, 1876Born in Tromøy
Alf Martin PedersenJune 22, 1844Born in Søndeled
Anders Pedersen1827Born in Haabe,Søndeled
Anders Theodor PedersenOctober 4, 1874Born in Holt
Andreas PedersenMay 18, 1854Born in Risør
Andreas PedersenAugust 19, 1899Born in Risør
Andreas PedersenJuly 16, 1832Born in Risør
Andreas PedersenFebruary 15, 1843Born in Søndeled
Andreas C. Pedersen
Andreas Hannibal PedersenSeptember 15, 1877Born in Risør
Andreas Martin PedersenAugust 15, 1857Born in Risør
Anreas Mindal PedersenApril 20, 1881Born in Risør
Anskar Mindal PedersenApril 20, 1886Born in Risør
Anssgar PedersenJuly 22, 1898Born in Risør
Aralt Ansgar PedersenJune 25, 1883Born in Dypvaag (Flosta)
Aralt Ansgar Heim PedersenNovember 24, 1915Born in Flosta
Arnold Martinius PedersenOctober 21, 1893Born in Dypvaag (Flosta)
Asbjørn PedersenOctober 18, 1875Born in Søndeled
August Jordan PedersenMay 14, 1897Born in Risør
August Ragnvald PedersenMarch 27, 1877Born in Holt
Benjamin PedersenJune 22, 1878Born in Dypvaag
Willy Bernt Pedersen Berntsen NilsenNovember 26, 1921Born in Dypvåg
Birger Antoni Koren PedersenAugust 16, 1898Born in Dybvåk
Bjarne PedersenOctober 10, 1920Born in Grimstad
Bjarne Johan PedersenNovember 9, 1892Born in Lillesand