We have so far registered 70,442 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Bjarne Olaf AndersenFebruary 19, 1893Born in Oslo
Bjørn Dahl AndersenApril 12, 1898Born in Oslo
Boy Georg AndersenSeptember 16, 1910Born in Bergen
Carl Fredrik AndersenJuly 11, 1890Born in Oslo
Erling AndersenOctober 27, 1898Born in Oslo
Erling Anton AndersenJuly 5, 1897Born in Drammen
Erling Charles AndersenNovember 5, 1904Born in Oslo
Erling R. AndersenOctober 27, 1904Born in Oslo
Erling Reinhart AndersenOctober 7, 1904Lived in Schweigårdsgt. 98, Oslo
Finn Ove AndersenSeptember 13, 1917Born in Oslo
Fritz Reidar AndersenSeptember 19, 1905Born in Oslo
Gunnar AndersenAugust 25, 1924Born in Oslo
Gunnar Ingebret AndersenJuly 22, 1912Born in Horten
Gunnar Oskar AndersenApril 3, 1907Born in Røyken
Gustav Adel AndersenJune 9, 1909Born in Oslo
Gustav Albert AndersenMarch 8, 1903Born in Oslo
Hans AndersenJanuary 31, 1891Born in Bodø
Hans Gunerius AndersenMarch 19, 1916Born in Tromsø
Hans Petter AndersenDecember 29, 1893Lived in Oslo
Harald Emanuel AndersenApril 24, 1908Born in Oslo
Harald Kristian AndersenMarch 12, 1911Born in Filtvedt Hurum
Harald R. AndersenJune 20, 1917Born in Østre Aker
Henry Hartman AndersenJune 28, 1919Lived in Oslo
Hilmar Brose AndersenSeptember 30, 1902Born in Honningsvåg
Hroar Birger AndersenNovember 2, 1914Born in Oslo