We have so far registered 69,254 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Patrick O'BrienNovember 21, 1924Born in Larkhall
Richard O'BrienLived in 10 Alec. Andrews Str., St. John N. F
Robert O'BrienMarch 7, 1907
Violet Veronica O'BrienJune 18, 1920Born in Birkenhead
William O'BrienSeptember 28, 1925Born in Liverpool
William O'Brien
William O'BrienSeptember 27, 1910Born in Halifax
Jo. O'Callagean
Daniel O'CallaghanJanuary 23, 1908Born in Melbourne, Australia
M. J. O'CallaghanMay 13, 1918Born in Youghal, Eire
Juan M. OchoaBorn in Ecuador
George Ockham
Danny O'ConnellMarch 2, 1927Born in Cardiff
John O'ConnellMay 8, 1915Born in Tipperary
T. J. O'ConnellApril 22, 1923Born in Liverpool
Lawrence O'ConnerApril 5, 1926Born in Auckland
A. O'Connor
Armond O'ConnorFebruary 22, 1913Born in Glasgow
David O'ConnorFebruary 18, 1927Born in Belfast
Douglas O'ConnorApril 16, 1916Born in Swansea
Douglas O'ConnorJanuary 12, 1916Born in England
Edward O'Connor
James O'ConnorApril 19, 1922Born in Darlington
James O'ConnorDecember 25, 1915Lived in 10 Nilsen Street, Cardiff
John O'ConnorSeptember 13, 1922Born in Londonderry