We have so far registered 84,244 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Leif NilsenJanuary 19, 1919Born in Fredrikstad
Nils Bernhard NilsenMay 3, 1911Born in Onsøy
Nils Martinius NilsenJune 12, 1885Lived in Mellemgt 7, Fredrikstad
Nils Olaf NilsenJuly 31, 1891Born in Hvaler
Nils Ragnar NilsenJuly 3, 1923Born in Rolvsøy
Noan NilsenAugust 11, 1882Born in Lillesand
Ole Jørgen NilsenSeptember 8, 1901Born in Fredrikstad
Ole Peder NilsenOctober 20, 1904Born in Onsøy
Oscar Fridtjof NilsenFebruary 22, 1914Born in Vardø
Ragnar NilsenFebruary 10, 1922Born in Hvaler
Ragnar Asbjørn NilsenJuly 8, 1921Born in Fredrikstad
Ragnar Georg Martinius NilsenNovember 11, 1915Born in Hvaler
Rolf Øivind NilsenFebruary 25, 1920Born in Fredrikstad
Arnt Nilsen (Saltnes)January 9, 1908Born in Saltnes, Råde, Moss
Sigurd Albani NilsenSeptember 8, 1913Born in Hvaler
Sigurd Arthur NilsenJanuary 25, 1914Born in Fredrikstad
Sigurd Rikart Norman NilsenNovember 9, 1896Born in Hvaler
Sverre Emil NilsenJune 20, 1912Born in Fredrikstad
Thomas NilsenJuly 18, 1898Born in Nøtterøy
Thomas Asgeir NilsenMay 8, 1891Born in Hvaler, Fredrikstad
Gunnar NilssenAugust 18, 1908Born in Moss
Ragnvald Mikael NilssenSeptember 20, 1906Born in Fredrikstad
Rolf Gunnar NilssenNovember 1, 1913Born in Idd, Halden
Trygve NilssenMay 19, 1910Born in Moss
Ørnulf Klerck NilssenDecember 8, 1908Born in Bergen