We have so far registered 73,523 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Andreas OlsenJanuary 25, 1847Born in Dypvaag
Andreas OlsenJune 20, 1874Born in Søndeled
Andreas OlsenNovember 8, 1835Born in Søndeled
Andreas Olsen1796Born in Omland
Andreas Evald OlsenJune 14, 1902Born in Dypvåg
Andreas Martinius OlsenDecember 5, 1896Born in Moland
Andreas Morgan OlsenMay 30, 1920Born in Fjære
Andreas Søberg OlsenOctober 13, 1854Born in Risør
Ansgar OlsenOctober 4, 1912Born in Fjære
Ansgar Herman OlsenMarch 19, 1895Born in Moland
Ansgar Martini OlsenNovember 20, 1891Born in Arendal
Anton OlsenMay 2, 1868Born in Risør
Anton OlsenJuly 7, 1870Born in Søndeled
Anton OlsenNovember 20, 1858Born in Søndeled
Anton OlsenMarch 23, 1863Born in Søndeled
Anton OlsenApril 28, 1873Born in Søndeled
Anton Fredrik Olunburg OlsenMay 13, 1839Born in Risør
Anton Lauritz OlsenApril 21, 1850Born in Søndeled
Anton Olaf OlsenSeptember 5, 1863Born in Berg, Prestegjeld
Arne OlsenJune 9, 1917Born in Risør
Arne Matheus OlsenSeptember 30, 1908Born in Flosta
Arnt Gumbert OlsenOctober 30, 1902Born in Flosta
Arnt Ludvig OlsenFebruary 7, 1919Born in Søndeled
Aron OlsenDecember 16, 1899Born in Fjære
Arthur Georg OlsenAugust 15, 1916Born in Grimstad