We have so far registered 78,074 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Hans Kristian Hansen FagerstadAugust 9, 1896Born in Stokke
Henry Matheus FagerstadJuly 5, 1909Born in Stokke
Ingvald FagerstadAugust 20, 1898Born in Stokke
Karl Oluf Ferdinand FagerstrømOctober 14, 1904Born in Holt
Andreas Tanke FagertunJune 25, 1906Lived in Nesna
Reidar Eilif FagertunOctober 9, 1910Born in Nesna
Torleif Møller FagertunJanuary 9, 1913Born in Nesna
Kåre FagervikJanuary 28, 1910Born in Mesna
Kåre FagervoldFebruary 10, 1917Lived in Volden, Nøtterøy
Olivine FagundesAugust 20, 1920Lived in Estasion Corle Rio Grande
Fredrick FahanNovember 23, 1926Born in Cardiff
Thomas Peter FaheyApril 5, 1920Born in New Aberdeen
J. Fahia
King Kwei FahFebruary 12, 1921Born in Khashung
Lee Kin Fah1895Born in Swatow
Elis Waldemar FahlstrømApril 27, 1890Born in Vågan
Waldemar FahlstrømMarch 11, 1923Born in Trondheim
Johan Fredrik FahlvikOctober 14, 1900Born in Bergen
Ming Chen Fah
Moh Ning FahJuly 12, 1894Born in Shanghai
Shih Shin FahApril 14, 1901Born in Shanghai
Hsu Tek FaJune 21, 1904Born in Tenchen
Wong Ah FahBorn in Ningpo
Marvyn FaiceAugust 28, 1925Born in Sydney
Choy Tai Fai