We have so far registered 69,432 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
William ArletteJune 23, 1922Lived in Lester Farqtuar, Hermond Que, Canada
Alan ArmourApril 22, 1917Born in Victoria B. C., Canada
Lorraine ArmourMay 5, 1924Born in Montreal, Canada
Henry Joseph ArnaultJuly 17, 1916Born in Prince Edward Island
Jack ArnoldJanuary 16, 1927Born in Ontario
John R. Arnold
Murray ArpinMarch 16, 1927Born in Campbellton, Canada
Henry ArsenaultJuly 17, 1916Born in Prince Edward Island
John J. ArsenaultAugust 19, 1914
Roland Joseph ArsenaultSeptember 11, 1925Born in New Brunswick
George AsadorianJune 6, 1925Born in St. Catherines
Alexander AsephLived in Ukjent
Gerald AsselinOctober 29, 1918Born in Ontario
Jules AsselinApril 12, 1921Born in Quebec
Fred AstonApril 16, 1927Born in Toronto
Daniel AtkinsNovember 14, 1920Born in Canada
Clarence N. AtkinsonSeptember 21, 1919Born in Sydney
Phelton AtwoodMay 19, 1921Born in Berwick
Roger AubinJanuary 12, 1925Born in Montreal
Benedict AucoinJune 28, 1918Born in Canada
Cecil S. AucoinJuly 17, 1919
James AuldOctober 1, 1911Born in Toronto
Frank AuriatSeptember 16, 1918Lived in Borrier Lake Sask. Canada
Emmet AveryFebruary 6, 1925Born in Larrys River
William T. AylwardMay 30, 1919Born in North Sydney