We have so far registered 70,492 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
M. R. M. HeadsMay 26, 1922Born in New Zealand
Robert George HickmottNovember 24, 1927Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
Raymond James HoldenNovember 19, 1923Born in Christchurch, N.Z.
Warwick M.J. HumphreysFebruary 6, 1925Born in Christchurch, N.Z.
Leslie Harold InwoodJune 3, 1926Born in Westport
G. JohnsenApril 2, 1910Born in Napier New Zealand
Charles JohnsonApril 2, 1910Lived in 286 Madras str. Christchurch, S. I. N.I. Napier New Zealand
Allis JørgensenNovember 19, 1915Born in Ractaki, New Zealand
Harry KaneFebruary 12, 1910Born in Gisborne, New Zealand
Noel LaniganJuly 7, 1925Born in Napier
Ross Butler LarsenSeptember 29, 1925Born in Dunedin
Leo Cyril LewisFebruary 4, 1923Born in Allawik
Sydney B. Longley (Langley)June 22, 1926Born in Manaia
Alasdair McArthurJune 27, 1924Lived in 27 Duncombe St, Glascow, Skottland
Allan William McArthurJuly 6, 1929Born in Dunin
Desmond McDimondJanuary 7, 1927Born in Auckland
Harold Ivan McGilvaryFebruary 19, 1925Born in New Zealand
Graham A. McGilvoryFebruary 7, 1923Born in New Zealand
William McGrathJuly 10, 1902Born in Aucland, New Zealand
Collis McIntyreBorn in New Bralander
Maxwell Andrew McLuckieMay 27, 1914Born in Glasgow
Jeffery MeadAugust 6, 1926Born in Ch.Ch. New Zealand
Patrick H. MoromeyJanuary 12, 1917Born in Milton
Selwyn J. NinkieAugust 27, 1924Born in Parnell
Patrick M. NuttAugust 7, 1927Born in Christchurch