We have so far registered 72,426 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Edward RyanMarch 2, 1924Born in St. Johns, Newfoundland.
F. E. Ryan
Frank Edvard Ryan
Henry Joseph RyanJuly 6, 1924Born in Manchester
James RyanOctober 19, 1923Born in Liverpool
James RyanAugust 3, 1910
James RyanAugust 15, 1907Born in Liverpool
John RyanMay 16, 1924Born in Llanelly
John T. RyanDecember 2, 1926Born in London
Joseph RyanJune 16, 1915
Joseph RyanDecember 15, 1898Born in Cork
Josephine RyanDecember 22, 1922Born in Coldwater
Morris Ryan
Roy RyanNovember 15, 1912Born in Halifax
Sidney RyanFebruary 21, 1916Born in Birkenhead
William RyanAugust 13, 1919Born in Hartlepool
A. E. RyderJune 7, 1906Born in New River
Richard RyderJuly 3, 1924Born in Salford
Richard RyderDecember 24, 1929Born in London
Thomas RyderJanuary 12, 1922Born in Manchester
Charles R. RylandAugust 17, 1925Born in New Zealand
Denis RymerMay 22, 1924Born in Hull
Thomas J. RymerJanuary 20, 1909Born in Liverpool
W. H. RymondJuly 24, 1911Born in Burton-on Trent.