We have so far registered 73,835 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Modulv Kristian Marinius TollefsenFebruary 20, 1921Born in Meløy
Oscar Valfred TollefsenOctober 12, 1918Born in Oslo
Arne Willy TonningFebruary 7, 1913Born in oslo
Dag Theodor ToresenMay 30, 1919Born in Rjukan
Alf Edvard TorgersenJuly 16, 1923Lived in Sofienberggt. 29, Oslo
Karsten TorgersenAugust 22, 1900Born in Fredrikstad
Kåre TorgersenNovember 17, 1918Born in Lier
Kåre Willy TorgersenFebruary 14, 1919Born in Oslo
Selma Margrethe Pedersen TorgersenOctober 7, 1903Lived in Christiesgt. 36 oppg. 3, Oslo
Trygve Egil TorgersenNovember 3, 1919Born in Oslo
Reidar TorjussenMarch 23, 1916Born in Oslo
Kristian Totorp (Olsen)February 21, 1886Lived in Dovregate 4, Oslo
Alexander TresengNovember 27, 1888Born in Oslo
Arvid Magnus TrobergFebruary 6, 1919Born in Eidsvold
Martinius TrondsenSeptember 14, 1917Born in Dovre
Robert Georg TrondsenOctober 6, 1918Born in Oslo
Egil TronesApril 7, 1921Born in Oslo
Wilhelm TrulsrudJanuary 25, 1906Born in Oslo
Arne Ivar TraasethMay 28, 1918Born in Oslo
Rolf Marius TveterNovember 3, 1904Born in Sarpsborg
Oscar Fredrik TybringMarch 27, 1883Born in Oslo
Bjørn TøgersenSeptember 27, 1920Born in Oslo
Jens TønderMarch 3, 1889Born in Alstahaug
Einar TønnessenJune 30, 1905Born in Oslo
Frank Thoralf TønnessenOctober 30, 1918Lived in Oslo