We have so far registered 76,822 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Andreas AndreassenMay 17, 1907Born in Stavanger
Andreas AndreassenMay 22, 1888Born in Stavanger
Anton AndreassenFebruary 15, 1897Born in Askøy
Arne AndreassenAugust 1, 1903Born in Sigerfjord
Arnolf Monrad AndreassenMay 27, 1923Born in Stavanger
Berge AndreassenAugust 26, 1906Born in Avaldsnes
Gudmund Hannemand AndreassenFebruary 15, 1893Born in Sveie
Tandrup Mikal AndreassenNovember 14, 1904Born in Great Falls, Montana
Thor Andreas Valand AndreassenApril 5, 1909Born in Haugesund
Trygve AndreassenJune 20, 1921Born in Oslo
Anfin AnfinsenFebruary 16, 1920Born in Sveio
John Edvin AnfinsenDecember 20, 1902Born in Haugesund
Sigvart Anfinsen SvendsbøeDecember 27, 1903Born in Sveio
Jacob Ludvig Kristianson AnglevikJune 20, 1901Born in Haugesund
Sverdrup Andreas AnthonsenJanuary 1, 1916Born in Stavanger
Aarleif Gotfred AnthonsenSeptember 1, 1909Born in Haugesund
Frank Albert AntonsenMarch 17, 1905Born in USA
Gustav AntonsenMarch 26, 1921Born in Haugesund
Kristoffer Martin AntonsenMay 27, 1893Born in Haugesund
Einar ApelandJanuary 6, 1912Born in Haugesund
Johannes Selmer ApelandJuly 15, 1904Born in Haugesund
Osmund ApelandDecember 9, 1922Born in Skaare, Haugesund
Arne ArnesenFebruary 24, 1915Born in Stangaland
Bernt ArnesenMarch 13, 1888Born in Bergen
Rolf Oskar ArnesenDecember 9, 1922Born in Halden