We have so far registered 69,448 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mjiam Tee YenNovember 9, 1915Born in Kwantung
Ngiam Tee YenBorn in Singapore
Michal YensaullBorn in Pireus
Buk K. Yeo1918
Lee Kheng Yeok (Yook)1908Born in Hainan
Angus Yeomans
Kenneth YeomansJanuary 11, 1925Born in St. John
Stanley YeoAugust 25, 1922Born in Montreal
William YeoMarch 13, 1920Lived in 61 Redcliff Street, Swindon, Wilts
He Sai Yesen1908
Carl Yetter
Chow Yeung1916Born in Kwantung
Bon Sin YewLived in Kwantung
Cheng Kun Yew
Loo Re (Lee Ee) Yew1920Lived in 85 Wallich Street, Tanjong, Pagar Singapore
Choimg (Choing) Yeyn (Yeun)
Sigurd Andreassen YggesethSeptember 26, 1890Born in Asker
Kurt Tage YhmanApril 2, 1917Born in Østre Eneby
Henry YhomsonJanuary 17, 1926Born in Glasgow
H.B. Yhulam
Hee Teck Yiam
Tick Yick
Wong Yick1902Born in Canton
James YieldsDecember 18, 1924Born in Marrickville
Chai Foo YienBorn in Ningpo