We have so far registered 72,284 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kenneth LarsenJuly 12, 1924Born in Swansea
Stanley LaskeyFebruary 9, 1916Lived in 6 Halden View, South Street, Exeter, Devon
Robert Andrew LassingtonApril 13, 1919Born in Edinburgh
Albert LathamMay 23, 1925Born in Liverpool
Colin LathamApril 18, 1915Born in Manchester
Flounoy Latham
Kenneth LathamFebruary 24, 1926Born in Liverpool
Peter LathamMarch 25, 1923Lived in 35 Mecander Parade, Swansea
Harry Tweed LathwellNovember 28, 1912
Henry LatoyMay 4, 1909Born in Wallasay
Charles Henry LatusJune 17, 1914Born in Fleetwood
Geoffrey LauderdaleAugust 22, 1920Born in Westcliff-on-Sea
Gilbert V. LaurensonJuly 10, 1920Born in Wales
John LauriDecember 17, 1925Lived in Ellesmere Port
Harald LavanderDecember 13, 1927Lived in 100 Ravensworth RD, Nottingham, London S.E.9
Fabian Lavelle
R. LavenderOctober 23, 1922Lived in 18 Hove Str, Barrow-in-Furness
William LavenderJune 19, 1920Born in Chester
Peter LaventizJuly 27, 1927Lived in 26 Irving Str, Hull
John LavercombeApril 1, 1913Born in Maesteg
Robert LaverickOctober 6, 1926Lived in 2 Bethune Ave, Deanside, Seaham Harbour
James LavertyJuly 15, 1922Born in Salford
Robert LavertyDecember 27, 1924Born in Wallasay
John Edmund LaveryAugust 6, 1908Born in Gateshead
Stanley LavinJanuary 20, 1925Lived in 51, Jainview Place, Liverpool