We have so far registered 71,144 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Hans Martin PettersenJanuary 8, 1914Born in Ålesund
Henrik Karl PettersenMarch 5, 1893Born in Oslo
Henry Emil PettersenNovember 17, 1898Born in Oslo
Håkon PettersenJuly 23, 1917Born in Oslo
Karsten Helge PettersenMay 4, 1924Born in Asker
Kjell PettersenMay 1, 1911Born in Oslo
Kjell PettersenJune 19, 1927Born in Oslo
Kåre PettersenApril 25, 1910Born in Grorud, Østre Aker
Leif PettersenJanuary 4, 1913Born in Vestre Aker
Magnus Bye PettersenJuly 31, 1891Born in Nesna
Arne Henry Pettersen (Mårby)January 23, 1918Born in Oslo
Ole Krebs PettersenDecember 17, 1891Lived in Oslo
Peder Gunerius PettersenNovember 15, 1887Lived in Oslo
Petter Kristian PettersenOctober 7, 1917Born in Nittedal
Ragnvald Pettersen February 3, 1912Lived in Trudvangveien 41, Aker
Rolf Blom PettersenJune 8, 1921Born in Oslo
Rolf Johan PettersenDecember 26, 1906Born in Oslo
Sigurd Asbjørn PettersenNovember 16, 1906Born in Oslo
Sverre PettersenMay 8, 1917Born in Oslo
Thorbjørn Bernhard PettersenNovember 3, 1918Born in Oslo
Tor PettersenApril 14, 1918Born in Vestre Aker
Wilhelm Anti PettersenOctober 3, 1921Born in Oslo
Åge Gilbert PettersenJune 21, 1914Born in Oslo
Kjell Erling PettersonDecember 18, 1922Born in Oslo
Josef Angelo PeveriMay 12, 1914Born in Oslo