We have so far registered 72,191 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Borge PedersenAugust 9, 1907Born in Arendal
Carl Andreas PedersenBorn in Risør
Carl Martin PedersenJanuary 6, 1844Born in Tvedestrand
Christen PedersenJanuary 17, 1854Born in Søndeled
Christian T. PedersenJuly 23, 1843Born in Risør
Claus Pedersen1825Born in Slesvig
Clemet PedersenFebruary 20, 1862Born in Vegårdshei
Dagfinn PedersenMay 15, 1918Born in Arendal
Daniel Gunerius PedersenJune 22, 1907Born in Fjære
Edvard Gunelius PedersenMay 31, 1868Born in Risør
Elias Pedersen1776Born in Klingsund
Ellef PedersenNovember 11, 1845Born in Risør
Emanuel Johan PedersenDecember 1, 1870Born in Dypvåg
Emil Theodor PedersenJuly 3, 1913Born in Dypvåg
Erik PedersenJuly 13, 1846Born in Søndeled
Erik E. PedersenFebruary 2, 1835Born in Risør
Erik Johan PedersenOctober 11, 1825Born in Sandnes, Søndeled
Erling PedersenMay 31, 1915Born in Grimstad
Erling Bernhard Mathias PedersenSeptember 27, 1878Born in Dypvåg
Eugen PedersenApril 18, 1894Born in Risør
Even PedersenJuly 8, 1888Born in Tromøy
Finn Karolius PedersenJuly 21, 1897Born in Risør
Frank PedersenApril 14, 1897Born in Risør
Fredrik PedersenOctober 26, 1819Born in Risør
Fridtjof PedersenNovember 2, 1903Born in Flosta