We have so far registered 81,652 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abel A. BourgJune 18, 1922Born in USA
Eugene BowenApril 27, 1915Born in USA
Reginald BraddyJanuary 18, 1905Born in Wilmington N.C.
Albert (Arthur) BratlienOctober 18, 1920Born in Noonan
Herbert BraunsteinFebruary 25, 1923Born in Brooklyn
Charles BreenJune 6, 1923Born in Rockland
Donald BridgeApril 26, 1917Born in Albany, USA
Eugene F. BridgeApril 18, 1927Born in Lowe, USA
Caroline BrophyJanuary 26, 1919Born in Modesteo
Jarvis S. BrotschMay 3, 1920Born in Rochester
Barton J. BrownOctober 22, 1928Born in Weelet, Okl.
Eugene BrownAugust 25, 1922Born in USA
J. BrownMarch 30, 1918Born in San Francisco
Robert BuchananMarch 11, 1924Born in Boston
Clyde N. BucklesDecember 7, 1921Born in Kansas
Charles Burnianck (Burianck)
Michael BurnsDecember 22, 1918Born in Cumberland
Jack BurtisMarch 9, 1917Born in New York
Stanley ButlerMay 21, 1924Born in Somerworth, N.H.
William ButlerMay 25, 1927Born in Chagram, U.S.A.
Lee R. ByrumDecember 22, 1913Born in Highmore, U.S.A.
Dolphus Bysh (Bish)February 10, 1924Lived in Point Clear, Alabama, U.S.A.
Charles CadvalladerJuly 11, 1923Lived in U.S.Quarantine st. Marcus Hooh, U.S.A.
Kenneth L. CahailFebruary 28, 1927Born in Auburh./Wash.
Richard CameronOctober 1, 1907Born in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.