We have so far registered 70,282 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Leung Fai1895
Lui Fai1908Born in Hong Kong
Wilfred L. FailFebruary 2, 1915Born in Galeshead
Ostromich FaingoldAugust 28, 1921Born in Brestlitovsk
Robert A. FairbairnJanuary 16, 1928
Peter FairbothamMay 26, 1926Born in Hull
Derak FairbourneMarch 10, 1921Born in Liverpool
William FairbrotherAugust 20, 1914
Joseph FaircloughMay 22, 1925Born in Liverpool
Thomas FaircloughMarch 14, 1910Lived in 265 City Road, St. Helens, Lancashire
Frank William FairholmApril 19, 1920Lived in 208 Colwick Road, Sneinton, Nottingham
E. FairleosNovember 27, 1921Born in Stanley
John Brown FairserviceAugust 10, 1912Born in Lesmahagow
John FairweatherOctober 17, 1923Born in Sunderland
Robert FairweatherJanuary 25, 1924Born in Aberdeen
Yung Ngan Fai
FaizullahLived in c/Oyeaqub Ali, Th. Fatigoan P.O.Faryll Khart Villshamipoora
William FajanDecember 31, 1923Born in Liverpool
Ko Che Fa
Thorleif Ingolf Evald FalanderAugust 25, 1907Born in Vennesla
Johan FalbachOctober 16, 1912Born in Bergen
Carl Wilhelm FalchMay 3, 1909Born in Arendal
Dag Falchenberg1918Lived in Oslo
Georg Johan FalchApril 27, 1918Born in Lødingen
Rudolf Falch JohannessenJanuary 17, 1917Lived in Malmø - Mandal