We have so far registered 81,652 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Knute WaageJanuary 17, 1911Born in Haugesund, Norway
Alfred Le Roy YarboroughMarch 16, 1916Born in Seattle
Th. Hallen YostOctober 4, 1923Born in Kansas
James YoungOctober 27, 1913Born in New York
Gene D. YounkinsApril 1, 1926Born in Washington County
Jim Zachardis
Joe F. ZachMarch 6, 1912Born in Pensylvania
Mary L. ZadoNovember 25, 1918Born in New York
Anthony Zahardis1926Lived in 229 St. John Place, New York.
Brona E. ZemaitisAugust 5, 1910Born in New York
Julius Cæsar ZeppenfeldNovember 28, 1907Born in New York
Jack Edvard ZuschinMarch 13, 1929Born in Santa Cruz