We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Harvey Gordon DawsonJune 9, 1917Lived in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Jim DawsonFebruary 5, 1921Born in Ramsey
John DawsonApril 13, 1925Born in Rochdale
John H. DawsonSeptember 4, 1927Lived in 45. Gowan street, Ontario, Canada
Myles DawsonOctober 28, 1910Born in Newcastle
Robert DawsonJanuary 3, 1926Born in Liverpool
Robert G. DawsonApril 27, 1918Born in Vancouver
Thomas DawsonSeptember 9, 1922
Walter DawsonNovember 16, 1907Born in Liverpool
William DawsonDecember 22, 1922Born in Melbourne
William DawsonJanuary 3, 1924Born in Shoreditch
Alfred DayJuly 4, 1924Lived in 43 Ballantine Street, Wadsworth- London S.W. 18
Allan Sidney DayJuly 3, 1920Lived in 18 Robin Grove, Brentford, Middlessex, England.
Arthur Albert DayNovember 21, 1911Born in London
Charles DayJanuary 20, 1922Born in Swansea
David DaySeptember 12, 1919Born in London
Emile George DayDecember 21, 1908Born in Battleford
Torben DayemMarch 30, 1926Born in Cobenhagen
Frederick P. DayNovember 2, 1899Born in Betham
George DayApril 10, 1917Born in Cambridge
Moh Osman Abdel Dayhm1919Born in Port Said
John DayMarch 7, 1907Lived in 49. Grovelly Lane Edington.
John Laurence DayAugust 1, 1928Born in Whanganei, N.Z.
Joseph DayJuly 8, 1924Lived in 58. Three Colt street, London, E, 14.
David DayleNovember 19, 1910Born in N. Walts