We have so far registered 72,182 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Daniel LavoyJune 10, 1924Lived in Wesrcoat Bridge
Edward Francis LawLived in 34, Alderman Rd, Knightswood, Glasgow
George LawJuly 4, 1921Lived in 1 North Rd, Bellshill, Lanarkshire
Harry Johnston LawJuly 6, 1923Born in Aberdeen
Hugh Milanaphy LawAugust 25, 1922Born in Glasgow
James Law1916Lived in 20 Kidd Street, Aberdeen
Albert LawlessLived in 66 Harold Ave, Burnley
Wilfred LawlierJanuary 18, 1923Born in Brantford
Edward LawlorSeptember 18, 1924Born in Liverpool
John LawlorJuly 3, 1914Born in Dundee
Thomas LawlorSeptember 2, 1924Born in Liverpool
Leonard LawnSeptember 21, 1926Born in Hull
Henry E. LawranceBorn in Birmingham
Arhur LawrenceApril 1, 1899Lived in 15 North Bank Street, Edinburgh
Clifford Noel LawrenceMay 4, 1908Born in Heytesbury
Edgar LawrenceMay 2, 1926Born in Newcastle
Edward LawrenceMay 31, 1927Born in Ramsgate
Ernest LawrenceSeptember 14, 1909Born in Portishead
Herbert LawrenceBorn in Sussex
James Harry LawrenceOctober 1, 1916Born in Rochester
Rawland LawrenceFebruary 12, 1917
Valerio LawrenceMarch 9, 1926Born in Greenock
Walter LawrenceSeptember 18, 1927Born in Ramsgate
Alexander LawrieOctober 9, 1926Lived in 3d Block Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow
James LawrieOctober 2, 1924Born in Liverpool