We have so far registered 79,175 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Helge Holst EriksenJuly 8, 1904Born in Oslo
Henry Eugen EriksenSeptember 24, 1906Born in Oslo
Hjalmar Olivius EriksenAugust 28, 1898Born in Kristiania
Ingvar Gunerius EriksenSeptember 7, 1916Born in Sylling
John Arne EriksenOctober 22, 1920Born in Oslo
Knut Hjalmar EriksenSeptember 28, 1916Born in Oslo
Leif Ritter EriksenSeptember 19, 1917Born in Oslo
Rolf Eugen Eriksen (Mjøster)June 27, 1917Born in Oslo
Ole Martin EriksenJanuary 23, 1908Born in Fredrikstad
Paulus EriksenDecember 29, 1888Born in Fredrikstad
Ragnar EriksenDecember 29, 1897Born in Oslo
Ragnar Anker EriksenSeptember 3, 1917Born in Fredrikstad
Roger Johan EriksenJanuary 20, 1923Born in Oslo
Sverre Olaf EriksenAugust 25, 1907Born in Kristiania (Oslo)
Theodor EriksenJanuary 30, 1903Born in Fredrikstad
Thorstein Gulliksen EriksenJune 21, 1918Born in Oslo
Trygve EriksenApril 20, 1914Born in Oslo
Henry Bernhard Karl Eriksen (Vidareid)July 11, 1903Born in Oslo
Wilhelm Eugen EriksenJuly 3, 1906Born in Sem
Yngvar Kristian EriksenJanuary 8, 1921Born in Halden
Aage Dahl EriksenMay 18, 1917Born in Tromsø
Frants Folke EriksonMarch 23, 1922Born in Valdres
Harald Øistein EriksonJanuary 21, 1915Born in Oslo
Alf Juel ErlandsenMay 20, 1899Born in Østre Aker
Einar ErlandsenNovember 14, 1907Born in Oslo