We have so far registered 81,062 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Torleif Hermod NilsenJanuary 4, 1920Lived in Roverudsgt. 8, Oslo
Walter NilsenDecember 11, 1916Born in Oslo
William Karl NilsenDecember 29, 1923Born in Oslo
Willy Groth NilsenDecember 8, 1918Born in Oslo
Øistein NilsenSeptember 11, 1922Born in Oslo
Arnljot NilssenAugust 9, 1887Born in Oslo
Bjørn Herland NilssenSeptember 22, 1917Born in Oslo
Martin NilssenApril 27, 1910Born in Røst
Nils Andreas NilssenNovember 23, 1903Born in Fredrikstad
Thorleif NilssenNovember 30, 1906Born in Kristiansand
Fritz Emil Theodor NilssonJuly 19, 1884Born in Lund, Sverige
Fritz Juno NilssonAugust 11, 1915Born in Oslo
Gunnar Arvid NilssonOctober 21, 1921Born in Aker
Oskar Aage NilssonMarch 15, 1919Born in Oslo
Johan Wessel NorbergAugust 15, 1906Born in Vinger
Kaare NorbomJune 29, 1914Lived in Gabelsgt. 25, Oslo
Egil NordahlJanuary 25, 1916Born in Oslo
Harry NordahlApril 30, 1920Born in Trondheim
Josef NordbyeSeptember 20, 1894Born in Oslo
Halvor NordbyNovember 4, 1898Born in Oslo
Thorbjørn Storm NordbyApril 15, 1917Born in Oslo
Harald Karlsen NordhagenJuly 18, 1911Born in Gran, Hadeland
Knut NordNovember 30, 1901Born in Oslo
Sigurd Kristoffer NordlieJune 21, 1911Born in Oslo
Åge NordlieApril 2, 1920Born in Eidsvoll