We have so far registered 76,367 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kaare Toralf LøbersliMarch 28, 1912Born in Kristiansund
Johan LøkvikDecember 24, 1901Born in Kristiansund N.
Folke Gabriel LøsethJune 10, 1917Born in Kristiansund
Peder Johansen LøsethApril 24, 1912Born in Vanylven
Johan LøvikDecember 7, 1905Born in Løvik, Aukra
Reidar Asbjørn LøvikDecember 12, 1917Born in Volda
Sverre Dagfinn LøvikApril 27, 1920Born in Kristiansund
Knut Alexander LøvmoOctober 15, 1892Born in Namdalen
Tolleif LaabakAugust 27, 1902Born in Hareid