We have so far registered 72,189 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Carl Andreas Olsen1822Born in Heløy
Carl Bernhard OlsenNovember 15, 1870Born in Risør
Carl Johan Olsen1848Born in Brekkestø
Carl Johan OlsenMay 22, 1844Born in Dybvåg
Carl Johan OlsenApril 7, 1860Born in Skåtøy
Carl Martin OlsenDecember 4, 1824Born in Nibe, Søndeled
Carl Martin OlsenJune 21, 1846Born in Søndeled
Carl Oscar OlsenJanuary 17, 1876Born in Øystad
Carl Severin OlsenOctober 12, 1860Born in Christiania
Carl Wilhelm OlsenDecember 2, 1914Born in Flosta
Carsten Johan OlsenOctober 14, 1868Born in Risør
Christen OlsenJanuary 27, 1849Born in Holt
Christen OlsenApril 4, 1836Born in Ausland, Søndeled
Christen OlsenMay 16, 1836Born in Holte
Christen OlsenMay 20, 1851Born in Søndeled
Christen OlsenApril 10, 1857Born in Søndeled
Christen OlsenOctober 7, 1847Born in Dybvåg.
Christen OlsenAugust 27, 1858Born in Søndeled
Christen OlsenMarch 4, 1858Born in Gjerstad
Christen OlsenAugust 5, 1844Born in Gjerstad
Christen OlsenAugust 25, 1854Born in Risør
Christian OlsenSeptember 16, 1867Born in Risør
Christian Albert Olsen1851Born in Ulvøsund
Christian Fredrik OlsenOctober 26, 1868Born in Risør
Christian Orginius Olsen1833Born in Heløy