We have so far registered 72,287 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mikal JohannessenNovember 25, 1910Born in Haugesund
Norman Bendik JohannessenDecember 14, 1922Born in Kristiansand
Osmund JohannessenMay 28, 1892Born in Kristiansand
Sigurd JohannessenSeptember 22, 1904Born in Spind, Farbrot
Walter Johan JohannessenSeptember 25, 1922Born in Kristiansand
Aksel Torleiv JohansenJuly 23, 1909Born in Søgne
Alf Erling JohansenMarch 8, 1915Born in Herad
Anton H. JohansenMarch 28, 1889Born in Bjørnør
Arthur JohansenFebruary 26, 1911Born in Hirad
Brynjulf Marlow JohansenMay 4, 1913Born in Langesund
Erling Sylvan JohansenMarch 27, 1920Born in Søgne
Erling Victor JohansenOctober 13, 1918Born in Kristiansand
Gunnar Eide JohansenOctober 24, 1904Born in Horten
Hans JohansenSeptember 2, 1918Born in Søgne
Hjalmar Kristian JohansenMarch 18, 1898Born in Oslo
Jacob JohansenMarch 3, 1920Born in Skåtøy
Jens Emil JohansenSeptember 20, 1889Born in Kristiansand
Johan JohansenSeptember 16, 1895Born in Kristiansand
Johan Edvin JohansenOctober 14, 1914Born in Herad
Magnus Alfred (Karlsen) JohansenAugust 30, 1918Born in Vennesla
Martin JohansenJanuary 2, 1907Born in Florø
Martin August JohansenJune 18, 1922Born in Spangereid
Olav JohansenJune 22, 1903Born in Flekkefjord
Thomas Kaurin JohansenJanuary 14, 1894Born in Mandal
Vidar JohansenJanuary 28, 1924Born in Tønsberg