We have so far registered 80,114 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
David McCarthyJuly 7, 1917Born in Limerick, Irland
Henry McCormackNovember 14, 1927Born in Tipperary
Patrick McCormackDecember 17, 1912Born in Dublin
Michael McCulloghOctober 7, 1903Lived in 212 East 67 St., New York
Fred McDaidMarch 11, 1920Born in Morville, Donegal
Robert McDermottJune 27, 1912Born in Dundalk, Eire
Michael McGoldwichJuly 11, 1917Born in Eire
James McGrathJanuary 2, 1929Born in Waterford, Irland
James McGurkMay 29, 1902Born in Belfast, Nord Irland. UK
Patrick McLaughlinJuly 12, 1898
Dermot McMahonJuly 1, 1924Born in Ireland
Kevin McMahonJune 30, 1922Lived in Crushen , Co.Clare, Ireland
Bernhard McManersMay 23, 1903Born in Ireland
John McVeightMay 1, 1917Born in Cork
John MelicanOctober 26, 1923Lived in Scattery island, Irland
Tesador MellerNovember 18, 1924Born in Dublin, Irland
William MerriganAugust 11, 1923Born in Londonderry, Irland
Michael MorrisJune 20, 1920Born in Belfast
Charles MurphyApril 4, 1886Born in Cork.
Patrick MurphyFebruary 7, 1924Born in Wexford
Patrik MurphyApril 3, 1910Lived in Tiffeneny Irland.
Thomas Francis MurphyJanuary 29, 1923Born in Waterford
Michael P. NearyAugust 18, 1912Lived in 36 Aylesbury Grove Hull.
Edward NeaveJune 16, 1920Lived in 38 Great George St. Liverpool.
Edward NevinJune 25, 1922Born in Belfast