We have so far registered 78,601 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Lauritz Harald TangenOctober 5, 1912Born in Værø
Soon Ming TangBorn in Shantung
Tan Chen Tang
Wang May TangBorn in Shanghai
Wee Low Tang
Hus Ngee Tan
W. Tanilisan
Jok Peng Tan1905Born in Canton
Lee Lin Tan1913Born in Hainan
Mong Tan Tan
Alan TannerJanuary 12, 1925Born in Halifax
Clayton TannerNovember 11, 1919Lived in First South, Lunnenberg County, NS
Johan TannerFebruary 1, 1919Born in Halifax
John TannerFebruary 18, 1923Born in Halifax
John K. TannerNovember 6, 1920Born in York
Nicolas John TannerNovember 20, 1916Lived in Brounsvik Str. Swansea
Paul TannerApril 22, 1914Lived in Konnevesi, Sarkisalo, Finland
Percival Alleyn TannerMay 6, 1901Lived in The Star Inn, East Isley, Berks, England
Perry (Percy) TannerMay 23, 1924Born in Lunenburg
Noel TanningDecember 21, 1926Born in Ballina
John Kerr TannockOctober 4, 1922Born in Glasgow
See Chua Tan
Seng Tan1893
Shan Lee TanMarch 19, 1912Born in Kwantung
Sing TanBorn in Shantung