We have so far registered 71,364 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James Maurice HarlandFebruary 23, 1925Born in Stutton, Yorks, England
Henry R. HarmanSeptember 18, 1920Born in Hastings, England
Robert T. HarmingerMarch 14, 1923Born in London, England
Harold HarperJuly 21, 1921Born in Lambeth, England
George HarradineOctober 11, 1910Born in Fenstanton, England
Thomas HarriganMarch 29, 1921Born in Whitstable, England
Charles HarringtonApr 1911Born in Highgate, England
Albert Harris1924
Arthur HarrisJanuary 1, 1919Born in Britons Ferry, England
Evan A. HarrisJune 9, 1919Born in Glamorganshire, England
Frederick HarrisMay 21, 1919Born in Gorseinon, Swansea, England
Frederick George HarrisJune 7, 1911Born in Essex, England
F. W. HarrisNovember 30, 1916Born in London, England
James C. HarrisDecember 26, 1912Born in St. Leonards, Sussex, England
John C. HarrisJune 2, 1914Born in Reekensville, England
B. W. Harrison
Charles HarrisonJuly 10, 1919Born in Liverpool, England
Frank HarrisonDecember 14, 1924Born in Rexham, England
George HarrisonApril 22, 1921Born in Yorks, England
John HarrisonJanuary 22, 1922Born in Shalbourne, England
Leslie HarrisonMay 16, 1925Born in Leeds, England
S. HarrisonMarch 5, 1925Born in Bradford, England
Ronald W. HarrisJune 14, 1925Born in Stratford, England
Thomas HarrisSeptember 25, 1915Born in Bermingham, England
Thomas HarrisJanuary 26, 1925Born in Manchester, England