We have so far registered 71,091 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Thomas HallDecember 10, 1901Born in London, England
Thomas HallAugust 20, 1924Born in Hull, England
Thomas HallMay 7, 1921Born in North River, Newfoundland
Thomas Hall
Thomas Duffield HallOctober 5, 1916Born in Ayrshire, Scotland
William HallJune 23, 1925Born in Glasgow, England
William HallJune 11, 1923Born in Harwick, England
William HallFebruary 21, 1912Lived in Postbox 2759
Richard HalpinMarch 24, 1924Born in Liverpool, England
George Fredrick HalseyDecember 1, 1924Born in Acton, Storbritannia
Arthur HalsteadJuly 8, 1926Born in London, England
Brian W. HambletonFebruary 17, 1923Born in Halcombe, England
Arthur HamblinDecember 27, 1925Born in Bridgewater, England
Ernest Hambrook
Marshall Alfred HamerJuly 19, 1906Born in Bolton, England
William H. HamerDecember 9, 1925Born in Chester, England
A. HamiltonJuly 22, 1921Born in Lanarkshire, England
Alex A. HamiltonJune 28, 1923Born in London, England
Alexander HamiltonDecember 15, 1908Born in Glasgow, England
Anthony HamiltonNovember 25, 1927Born in Glasgow, England
Cyril HamiltonAugust 28, 1913Born in Manchester, England
James HamiltonAugust 17, 1924Born in Saltcoats, Glasgow, England
Joseph HamiltonDecember 28, 1927Born in Preston, England
Patrick HamiltonJanuary 19, 1923Born in Dublin, Nord-Irland
Robert HamiltonAugust 8, 1914Born in Glasgow, England