We have so far registered 71,220 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James WeeksJanuary 23, 1904Born in Sydney
William WeigallMarch 5, 1917Born in Crookwell
Walter C. WeirDecember 16, 1917Lived in 135 Central Avenue, Ingelwood, Perth
Frank WelshMay 5, 1923Born in Sydney
Marcus WestonOctober 13, 1914Born in Sydney
Ronald WestMay 29, 1927Born in Sydney
Gregory WestwoodOctober 5, 1923Born in Sydney
V. T. Westwood
J. Whaley
Philip Arthur WhightJuly 2, 1918Born in Brisbane
Albert WhiteFebruary 22, 1926Born in Melbourne, Victoria
Dennis Frantz WhiteBorn in Collonsvale
James WhittleJune 27, 1925Born in Sydney
Don WilsonAugust 15, 1915Born in Sydney
Donald Albert WilsonJanuary 5, 1922Born in Melbourne
Herbert WilsonJuly 23, 1926Born in Sydney
Ian WilsonMarch 24, 1927Born in Summerhill
Jack WilsonOctober 12, 1905Born in Port Adelaide
James A. WilsonNovember 1, 1926Born in Sydney
Lionel Stanley WilsonJuly 17, 1921Born in Artovmer
Robert Hamilton WilsonJune 30, 1925Born in Leeds
William E. WilsonMay 28, 1908Born in Narragan
Donald WinchApril 19, 1921Born in Sydney
Charles Henry WinchesterJuly 18, 1907Born in Adelaide
Maurice Vincent WraggNovember 1, 1926Born in Adelaide