We have so far registered 69,448 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Cheng Ah Yong
Chiu Sheng YongBorn in Ningpo
Douglas YongOctober 7, 1923
Goh Toh Yong1907Lived in 15 Arab/Kumpa Street, Singapore
Herbert YongDecember 29, 1924Lived in Montreal
Lee Wah YongBorn in Hainan
Leo Tai Yong1905Lived in Room 15, Arab Street, Singapore
Loh Kwan YongSeptember 22, 1912Born in Kwantung
Low Yong1920Born in Hainan
Luh Kwen YongJanuary 19, 1911Born in Singapore
Sze Chee YongBorn in Ningpo
T. B. YongJune 1, 1896Born in Hainan
Chan Yong (Youg)October 17, 1914Born in Hong Kong
Thomas Trygve YonkersOctober 7, 1897Born in Arendal
Ibraham YonsseffSeptember 27, 1897Born in Alexandria
Ah Mor YorDecember 6, 1916Born in Shanghai
Arthur YorkJuly 7, 1921Born in Stockton-on-Trees
Ernest YorkeOctober 7, 1922Born in Vernon, B.C. Canada
H.M. YorkSeptember 20, 1910Born in Kettering
Merrill W.L. YorkApril 22, 1915Born in St. Martin
Th. Hallen YostOctober 4, 1923Born in Kansas
Maurice Joachim Yosuf1916Born in Alexandria
Chen Tuck (Chan Took) YouLived in Shanghai
Chien Ken You
Choy YouFebruary 24, 1898Born in Canton