We have so far registered 76,182 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Wilfred BarberDecember 20, 1914Born in Northwich
Lennard BardellJanuary 21, 1908Born in Rickmansworth
Arthur BardoeSeptember 26, 1911Born in Gravesend
Alfred BardonNovember 8, 1922Born in Liverside
Harry BardsleySeptember 13, 1906Born in Stockport
Alfred BarkerJuly 26, 1919Born in Sheffield
Clifford BarkerMarch 28, 1921Born in Wymondham
G. A. W. BarkerOctober 3, 1920Born in Worcester
George BarkerAugust 28, 1910Born in Rayleigh Fx.
Wilfred BarkerDecember 21, 1916Born in London
William G. BarkerJuly 14, 1924Born in Sunderland
Thomas BarlewFebruary 28, 1920Born in I. of M.
H. BarlowSeptember 22, 1905Lived in 29 Leslie Ave.,Conanly, Doncaster
Henry BarlowSeptember 20, 1900Born in London
Thomas BarlowOctober 30, 1910Born in Manchester
William BarnecottJune 3, 1916Born in Bomwall
A. S. Barnes
G. BarnesFebruary 1, 1922Born in Woodford Green
Jack BarnesMay 24, 1905Born in Cloucester
James BarnesMarch 8, 1925Born in Keston
Arnold Berry
John BerryMay 4, 1922Born in Radcliffe
A. Berryman
Noel J. BerryOctober 24, 1924Born in Haveton Hill
Norman Berry