We have so far registered 72,193 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John LawrieDecember 17, 1926Born in Ellesmere
Robert LawOctober 1, 1921Born in Kilmarnock
David LawsonLived in Glouchester JA. 81, Glasgow
Donald LawsonSeptember 3, 1927Born in Rochdale
Ernest LawsonSeptember 21, 1925Born in Hull
George LawsonNovember 4, 1923Born in Glasgow
Gustave LawsonApril 7, 1878Lived in 76, Canpar Street, Dundee
James Kenneth LawsonJanuary 20, 1919Born in Darlington
Joseph LawsonJanuary 28, 1911Born in Calton
Thomas O. LawsonJune 10, 1911Born in Birkenhead
Thomas LawSeptember 20, 1908Born in Glasgow
Colin LawtonDecember 26, 1919Born in Stoke-on-Trent
J. E. Lawton
Bernard Layborn (Laybourn)Born in Bretton
Rex LaycockSeptember 28, 1924Born in Liverpool
J. A. Lay
Charles LaylandDecember 23, 1910Lived in Snape Str, 11 Wigan. L/Chester
John LaytonAugust 27, 1913Born in Rochdale
Arthur LazarusJuly 20, 1916Born in London
Horace LeachAugust 3, 1912Born in Leeds
Albert LeadbeaterDecember 13, 1911Born in Staffordshire
Georg Henry LeadleyAugust 23, 1917Born in Hull
Daniel F. LeahyDecember 19, 1911Born in Dublin
Carlos Maurice LeakJanuary 8, 1923Born in Hull
George LeakJune 18, 1905Born in Hull