We have so far registered 76,208 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ole Johan AndreassenJuly 8, 1912Born in Hedrum
Otto Norman AndreassenSeptember 24, 1883Born in Narvik
Rasmus Seim AndreassenJune 16, 1897Born in Ålesund
Sverre Edvard AndreassenMay 2, 1910Born in Oslo
Trygve AndreassenJune 20, 1921Born in Oslo
Willy AndreassenMay 20, 1922Lived in Stensgt. 1, Oslo
Aksel Anker AndresenMay 31, 1910Born in Oslo
Alf Reidar AndresenJanuary 23, 1918Born in Oslo
Alf Willie AndresenSeptember 13, 1903Born in Hvitsten
Andreas Leonard AndresenNovember 29, 1894Born in Oslo
Arthur Emanuel AndresenJanuary 21, 1905Born in Oslo
August AndresenAugust 11, 1885Born in Rygge
Bernhard Martin AndresenJune 1, 1901Born in Oslo
Erling Asbjørn AndresenSeptember 25, 1898Born in Oslo
Ernst AndresenFebruary 19, 1923Born in Oslo
Harry Johannes AndresenOctober 1, 1911Born in Oslo
Hilmar Kristian AndresenOctober 23, 1896Born in Oslo
Ivar AndresenMarch 6, 1913Born in Glemmen
Kjell Odvar AndresenJune 18, 1921Born in Oslo
Klaus Ingolf AndresenFebruary 7, 1896Lived in Maridalsveien 53, Oslo
Ole Kristian AndresenJanuary 27, 1910Born in Oslo
Ragnar AndresenNovember 18, 1912Born in Oslo
Reidar Oskar Arnold AndresenNovember 23, 1912Born in Oslo
Rolf Haug AndresenAugust 7, 1912Born in Oslo
Rudolf Frits AndresenJune 4, 1890Born in Oslo