We have so far registered 72,345 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Frank H. O`DonnelFebruary 19, 1915Lived in Donegal Irland
George O`DonnellMay 31, 1915Born in Dublin
John O`GradyJuly 28, 1909Lived in Baltingglas, South-west County Wicklow, Irland
Patrick O`GradyJune 22, 1911Born in Waterford, Irland
Patrick O`HaraDecember 27, 1898Born in Irland
Michael O`HareDecember 21, 1921Born in Belfast, Nord-Irland, UK
John O'Keefe1889Born in Cork
Christopper OkufeDecember 15, 1912Lived in 25 Coombe str. Dublin, Irland.
William O'MahoneyFebruary 11, 1918Lived in O'Commel Ave., 38, Cork, Ireland
William O`ReganAugust 15, 1914Lived in Cardiff
William O'ReganOctober 21, 1917
John J. OriaidFebruary 10, 1919
Thomas PearsonNovember 17, 1923Born in Belfast, Nord-Irland
Patric PlahertyJune 12, 1920
Michael RogersDecember 17, 1922Born in Killybegs
Thomas RoseAugust 8, 1900Born in Coloraine, N. Irland
John K. J. RoweFebruary 17, 1924Born in Eire
Thomas RuddyJanuary 3, 1906
Joseph RyanNovember 1, 1906
Patrick RyanMay 28, 1913
Andrew ShieldApril 24, 1920Born in Derryhassen, Irland
Andrew ShieldsJune 28, 1926Born in Londonderry, Nord-Irland
Joseph SimpsenSeptember 6, 1914Born in Dublin, Irland
Roy SmithApril 13, 1925Born in Belfast, Nord Irland
William SmithNovember 2, 1902Born in Londonderry, Nord Irland