We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Arthur DeanBorn in Calgiary
Arthur DeanNovember 21, 1910Born in Durban
Dixen Dean1911
Mario P. De AndradeJuly 13, 1913Born in Natal, Brasil
Frank G. DeanJune 14, 1924Born in Manchester
Frederick DeanJune 12, 1922Born in London
George DeanJune 14, 1925Born in Farfield
George DeanAugust 31, 1919Born in Wallsall
Harry DeanMay 18, 1928Born in Hamilton
James DeanMarch 26, 1923Lived in 125 Acanthus Rd. Liverpool 13.
Josepf DeanMay 20, 1925Born in Manchester
Kenneth Frank DeanApril 17, 1925Born in Walladey
Leslie DeanJuly 21, 1920Born in High Wycombe
Peter DeanSeptember 30, 1922Born in London
Alexander DeansMarch 13, 1925Born in Glasgow
George DeansJuly 12, 1924Born in Benhar
Th.A. Dean
W. DeanMay 21, 1917Lived in 33. Drybourgh St. Liverpool
William Dunhill DeanJune 21, 1889Born in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Normann DeardenApril 18, 1918Born in Haydock
George DeardonMay 23, 1924Born in Newcastle
Joseph DearingMay 19, 1919Born in Nuneaton
H. Dearley
Charles DearloveApril 26, 1915Born in Dublin
James DearloveNovember 12, 1926Born in Bristol