We have so far registered 72,192 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mufassal Ali
Muffasa Ali1921Born in Sylhet, India
Nisar AliBorn in Sylhet, India
Noor Ali1909Born in Tylbut, India
Omer Ali1905Born in India
Qurban Ali1919Born in Noakhali, India
Ranjam Ali1908Born in Noakali, India
Rohme Ali1905Born in Noorkhali, India
Rois AliLived in Calcutta, India
Romuz Ali1924Born in Tylbut, India
Rustain Ali
Samir Ali
Sarabat AliLived in Thana-Ramgunge, P.O. Kilpara, Will Noharkil. India
Segundar AliLived in Calcutta, India
Shermat Ali
Siddique AliLived in c/o Somedali Th: Fechoogunge, P.O. Fechoogunge Vill: Asigarr, Dist, Synet, India
Syed AliBorn in Noakhali, India
Toffazzal AliLived in Calcutta, India
Toyeb AliBorn in Sylhet, India
Wahed Ali1878Born in India
Wazid Ali1910Born in Tylbut, India
Yakub AliBorn in India
Sena AllaBorn in India
Shora Alla1893Born in India
Ameen Allee1905Born in Chitagong, India