We have so far registered 70,260 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chrom You
John YoudeJanuary 10, 1918
Maurice Victor YoudeApril 1, 1919Born in Quebec
Cecil William Youkee (Jonkee)April 20, 1916Born in London
Lam Ah YouBorn in Kwantung
J. Youlden
Lee YouBorn in Canton
Thomas YoullJuly 24, 1918
Lui Ta You
Siam Chung YoumBorn in Foochow
Ne Sing YouBorn in Ningpo
Pedre Achmed Younes1904
Albert L. YoungDecember 14, 1914Born in London
Aleix YoungFebruary 24, 1907
Alexander YoungJanuary 3, 1919Born in Sengles, Malta
Alfred YoungApril 13, 1912Born in London
Allan YoungAugust 29, 1924Born in Liverpool
Benjamin (Bengmanin) YoungFebruary 16, 1916Born in Spalding
Chow Young
David Aubrey YoungJuly 18, 1928Born in Toronto
Denise YoungMarch 23, 1922Born in Nova Scotia
Douglas A. YoungNovember 12, 1926Born in West Norwood
Earl YoungJuly 17, 1898Born in Bancroft, Canada
Edward Young1913Lived in Sydney N.S. Canada
Edward YoungDecember 28, 1922Born in Ealing