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Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abdella H. Hassan1917Born in Ginga, Egypt
Achmed Ali HassanBorn in Suez, Egypt
Afdel Naei Hassan1903Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Aly Abdel Naby Hassan1905Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Aly M. HassanApril 2, 1922Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Omar Abou el Hassan Aly1915Born in Egypt
Jassin Mohamed Hassan1912Born in Egypt
Mahmoud Abdel Naby Hassan1900Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Moustafa Hassan1892Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Saddik Hassan1913Born in Guirga, Egypt
Ahmad Abdel Rehim HassoubaBorn in Egypt
Hassan Almed Haweyja1918Born in Suez, Egypt
Noer El Din Heffni1915Born in Egypt
Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed HefnawiLived in Ras El Tin Str. 51, Alexandria
Mohamed Mohmoud Hendawi1903Born in Egypt
Abdel Sharkhoun Hossein1902Born in Egypt
Goumaa Moursy Houssin1921Lived in Ras El Tin Str.,51, Alexandria, Egypt
Ali Mohamed Ahmed HusseinApr 1909
Arman Hussein1910Born in Suez, Egypt
A. Ibrahim
Abdel Al Hamman IbrahimBorn in El Ziwak
El-Desouka Omar Ali Ibrahim1906Born in Alexandria
M.Abdel Hamid Ibrahim1911Born in Egypt
Mamoud Radwan Ibrahim1902Born in Egypt
Mohamed IbrahimMarch 13, 1904Born in Suez