We have so far registered 72,300 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John S. SmylieMay 25, 1916Born in Belfast, Nord Irland
Bernhard SmythJuly 2, 1924Born in Belfast, Nord Irland
Michael C. SmythSeptember 30, 1921Born in Belfast, Nord Irland
William StackOctober 4, 1904Born in Queenstown, Irland
P.C. SullivanAugust 9, 1915Born in Middleton
Anthony K. TimmonMarch 13, 1916Lived in Boyne Villa Nave co., Dublin
John UnderwoodAugust 2, 1916
Victor WadeOctober 5, 1926Born in Belfast, N.Ireland
John WalshMay 11, 1914Born in Cork
Arthur Stanley WaltersMay 10, 1918Born in Balyclare
Patrick WarburtonAugust 27, 1925Born in Rush Ireland
John J. WarrenJune 12, 1908Born in Dublin
Peter WeadickMarch 2, 1904Born in Eire
Jerry WhalenLived in 47 North Williams St, Dublin
James WylieJanuary 20, 1911Born in Lesburn
James YoungMarch 17, 1887Born in Londonderry