We have so far registered 78,719 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Rolf Haug AndresenAugust 7, 1912Born in Oslo
Rudolf Frits AndresenJune 4, 1890Born in Oslo
Rudolf Kristian AndresenJanuary 18, 1914Lived in Oslo
Sverre N. AndresenJuly 15, 1896Born in Oslo
Thor AndresenSeptember 4, 1924Born in Oslo
Håkon Eilif AngelOctober 23, 1910Born in Herøy
Alf Engelhart AnhartMarch 20, 1910Born in Oslo
Aksel Benny AnonsenJuly 11, 1908Born in Tjømø
Gerda AnonsenMarch 2, 1881Lived in Trondhjemsveien 48, Oslo
Olaus Marinius AnstensenMay 6, 1891Born in Moss
Dorvild Henry AntoniussenDecember 26, 1920Born in Oslo
Anton Johannes Nydahl AntonsenNovember 10, 1915Born in Vik, Helgeland
Per Johannes AntonsenJune 17, 1922Born in Horten
Rolf Emil AntonsenAugust 17, 1908Born in Oslo
Norman AntvortJanuary 8, 1909Born in Cape Town
Matheus AnzjønApril 8, 1885Lived in Oslo
Robert ApellAugust 8, 1901Born in Nordstrand
Bjarne ArentsenMarch 10, 1893Born in Dypvåg
Gustav Arnold ArentsenMarch 11, 1890Born in Dypvåg
Arne ArnesenApril 16, 1895Lived in Hegdehaugsveien 3, Oslo
Christian Fredrik ArnesenFebruary 20, 1886Born in Oslo
Egil Johan ArnesenAugust 25, 1908Born in Oslo
Erik Wilhelm ArnesenApril 18, 1920Born in Oslo
Erling Kristian ArnesenJanuary 11, 1899Born in Bjarkøy i Troms
Harald ArnesenNovember 22, 1899Born in Oslo