We have so far registered 71,091 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles HancookMarch 29, 1916Born in Liverpool, England
John V. HancookApril 4, 1909Born in Tunstall, England
Wilfred J. HancookSeptember 12, 1924Born in Llanelly, Wales, England
Eric HandfordNovember 16, 1921Born in Salisbury, England
Alfred Thomas HandsOctober 31, 1926Born in L. On Sea, England
Harry O. HandsMay 25, 1916Born in Petersham, England
James E. HandsJuly 28, 1925Born in Liverpool, England
Roy HandsMarch 16, 1926Born in Blackpool, England
John Leonard HankinJanuary 2, 1925Born in High Cross, England
S. Albert HanksMarch 31, 1918Born in London, England
Francis Allan HanleyFebruary 23, 1911Born in Scotland
Martin HanleyDecember 8, 1923Born in Liverpool, England
Thomas HanleySeptember 6, 1922Born in Castleford, England
Henry P. HanlonJanuary 17, 1924Born in Househelwool, England
James HanlonMay 15, 1921Born in Port Rexton, Newfoundland
John Hanlon1910Born in St. Johns, Newfoundland
Rich HanlonAugust 12, 1923Born in London, England
Ambrey Lennox HannahSeptember 4, 1917Born in Kilmarnock, Glasgow, England
Bruce HannahMarch 5, 1920Born in Sunderland, England
John HannahJune 23, 1925Born in Glasgow, England
Thomas HannahMarch 24, 1926Born in Salford, England
Fonwick (Fenwick) HannamJanuary 19, 1920Born in Cardiff
Jack HannantSeptember 9, 1925Born in Hull, England
Charles Hannath
G. Hanneford