We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James M.B. DearnaleyJuly 14, 1911Lived in Rhyber, Staley Rd. Mossley
Thomas DearyFebruary 28, 1926Born in Liverpool
John DeaseySeptember 11, 1901Lived in Churchpark, Bohola, Co. Mayo, Eire
Timothy DeasyApril 21, 1905Born in Cork
Fred DeathFebruary 23, 1926Born in Arncliffe
William Debaie1925Lived in 16 Commerical street Dartmouth N/S
Paul Debono1907Lived in 23 Tassiod Street, Nadur, Malta
Edouard de BruynMay 14, 1911Born in Bornhem
Gerrit de BruynMarch 31, 1902Born in Rotterdam
George de CairesMay 16, 1927Born in Trinidad
Cosimo De CandiaFebruary 20, 1919Born in Molfetta, Italia
Nicolo De CandiaAugust 16, 1925Born in Molfetta, Italia
Antonio de CarvalheJuly 22, 1923Born in Arary, Brazil
Nelson de CastaOctober 20, 1921Born in Bahia
Manuel de Castro (Certo)September 22, 1897Born in Vila Real, Portugal
Rozario DeCosta1904Born in Goa
Vallace DecosteNovember 3, 1922Born in Halifax
Ronald DedmanJuly 10, 1925Born in Southampton
Cecil DeeMay 29, 1916Lived in 66 st. Marks Cresent, Maidenhead, Berks
Arnold DeeksNovember 14, 1914Born in Kearsley
James DeemingJune 20, 1924Born in Birningham
John William DeesJune 17, 1923Born in Hull
Thomas DeesNovember 8, 1925Born in Hull
Kenneth DeFratosMay 19, 1926Born in East Ham
Estanislau De FreitasJanuary 7, 1913Born in Pernambuco (Recife)