We have so far registered 71,364 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Victor OttensenFebruary 25, 1903Born in Tallin, Estland
Jaan PajulaJanuary 27, 1887Born in Tallin, Estland
Raul PaljasmaJanuary 21, 1921Born in Tallin, Estland
Vainu PaljasmaOctober 4, 1922Born in Karila, Estland
E. PalloFebruary 10, 1912Born in Tallin, Estland
Erick PalmNovember 16, 1915Born in Nimme, Estland
Johan PaluojoNovember 6, 1894Born in Tallin, Estland
Alfred ParekAugust 16, 1913Born in Tallin, Estland
Valdemar Martin ParnAugust 23, 1912Born in Parnu, Estland
Johan PaulsenJanuary 30, 1916
Mikkel PautsOctober 11, 1908Born in Muhu, Estland
Johan PeetMarch 28, 1912Born in Tallin, Estland
Aleksander PellerOctober 24, 1899Born in Tartu, Estland
Johanes PereSeptember 15, 1909Born in Narva, Estland
Arteme PeremeesDecember 3, 1914Born in Nummkull, Estland
Erich PetersonSeptember 22, 1914Lived in Konteri 28-8 Talinn, Estland
Johan PihlametsFebruary 28, 1911Born in Tallin
Julius PilpakNovember 26, 1906
Julius J. Pilt
Leo PisaJanuary 31, 1913Born in Kärdla
Andreas PitkaAugust 24, 1920Lived in 30 Fairmount Rd., Grimsby
Edgar PolbergFebruary 26, 1921Born in Tallin
Paul PoljasmaJanuary 21, 1921Born in Tallin
Veinu PoljemaOctober 4, 1922Born in Kardla, Estland
Edgar PolleryFebruary 26, 1921