We have so far registered 76,175 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Wilfred Foster
J. FranceApril 9, 1916Born in New Silkworth
Aubrey FrancisJanuary 2, 1916
Govin FrancisNovember 16, 1912Lived in Ledbury
Ivoi FrancisJanuary 25, 1921Born in Anglesiy
John FrancisOctober 23, 1922Born in Birmingham
Albert Frankel
Henry FranklinAugust 9, 1921Born in Middlx
Benjamin FranksSeptember 14, 1900Born in Bristol
Thralfool FrankApril 8, 1914Born in Blackpool
George FraserSeptember 1, 1915Born in Edinburgh
P. Fraser
Thomas FraserApril 5, 1916Born in Ayr
W. Fraser1902Born in Rosshire
Henry FrazerJuly 3, 1905Lived in c/o A.L.O. St. Augustins Covent, Park Grove, Hull
Jeffrey FredricksonApril 5, 1911Born in Oxford, Skotland
Arthur FreemanJanuary 26, 1918Born in London
Edward V. FreemanDecember 20, 1922Born in Sutton
Joseph Edward FreemanMay 21, 1922Born in London
William FreemanAugust 4, 1921Born in London
A. H. FreestoneSeptember 6, 1925Born in Leicestershire
John FrewApril 16, 1911Born in Dreghorn
Harry William FroyMay 11, 1916Born in Hitchen
Thomas A. FruenAugust 20, 1923Born in London
Bartholomew FryerMay 5, 1914Lived in 157 Mill Houses, Auckland, England